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Select ants

Mouse Click+Drag over ants

De-Select ants

Click the Null icon (circle with line thru it in the top right corner of the screen)

Select AntHill

Click+Drag on hill (NOTE: you must de-select ants before selecting hill)

Move selected ants

RightClick (or you Mac folks Meta+Click) on location

Move screen around

Use Arrow Keys (very cool)

Set ants to get food

Shift+Click on a roach, with selected ants

Attack an enemy

Ctrl+Click on Red Ant (n.b. If an Enemy strays too close your ants will attack automatically if they are not performing a chore)

Create AntHill

You will be prompted to press 'h' then select location. (Can create a new hill for every 5 ants created)

Create New Ants

Select a hill, Then click little icon that appears

Author: Adam Hirst    ( email author )

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