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The classic card game, Rummy, is now available right here. Play your hand within your web browser window, with no software to download, making it compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and many smart devices. Compete against the computer to prove your worth. The game includes a relaxing, light jazz musical background to help set the right tone. Enjoy! For those who aren't yet aware of the rules, they are as follows:

  1. Rummy is a card game where the aim is to put all of your cards into combination before your opponent(s). When the game starts, each player receives 10 cards.
  2. Once cards are dealt to all players, the remaining cards are placed face down on the table, forming the 'stock'. The top card is turned face-up in the 'waste' pile. Each turn, the current player can choose to pick up the card from the waste pile or from the stock
  3. The player checks if (s)he can place on the table one or more common card combinations, such as triples, pokers (four of a kind), straights (three or more - same suit). If not, (s)he simply discards a card from his/her own hand.
  4. When a player places all the cards, (s)he wins the round. The winning score is the sum of the card banks of all the opponents. Face cards count as 10 points each, Aces as 1 each, and every other card as its value. If the winner places all cards in one turn, the points are doubled. The first player who reaches the score of 100 wins the game!

Author: Wanted 5 Games

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