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If you haven't had enough work for today and want to incorporate work into your play, this game is for you. ;). As the operator of a pizza parlor, you need to respond to your customers' requests and build the style of pizza that they want, placing the right ingredients on top of a base, cooking the pizza and serving with the drinks and/or pizza box that has been requested.

Control this game with your mouse (or touch, if on a phone/tablet). When an order is received, click to release a pizza base, then click on the ingredients that have been requested. Click on the oven to open, then back on the pizza to place it, then on the pizza once the oven opens, then optionally on a pizza box if requested. Check whether a drink was also ordered. If so, click to distribute that, then click on the pizza box (or bare pizza, if no box was requested) to give it to the customer. Be quick - things can get quite frantic during peak times at the Pizzeria.

Author: HTML Games

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